Strange “flying fish” found in EL river (pic)

By | January 28, 2009

Strange “flying fish” found in EL river (pic)

Here’s an interesting little story from one of our readers and a picture of a very unusual fish discovered in the Kwelerha River on the East Coast Resorts Road on Saturday. Christo Raath writes the following letter about the find (Click on the pics below to enlarge):My son saw this fish floundering in the shallows in the Kwelerha river on Saturday. It appeared sick and unfortunately died soon after he caught it (by hand). …

The picture has the Dispatchonline team scratching their heads. It seems to be a flying fish but we are not sure. Can you tell us what kind of species this is and what it was doing in the Kwelerha River?

We are also trying to mail the pictures to Rhodes University in Grahamstown and will hopefully have an answer soon!

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