Strange Exits: Boy, 12, dies from too much deodorant

By | November 21, 2008

Lynx ViceA boy of 12 collapsed and died after using ‘copious’ amounts of deodorant in a cramped bathroom, an inquest heard. Daniel Hurley was overcome by solvents in the Lynx Vice spray … Coroner Dr Robert Hunter recorded a verdict of accidental death, giving the cause as ‘cardiac arrhythmia, exacerbated by exposure to solvents’.

He said he was satisfied that Unilever, the manufacturer of Lynx, gave enough warning on its cans that excessive amounts of aerosol deodorant should not be used in confined spaces. Lynx cans warn that the product should be kept out of the reach of children, adding: ‘Use in well ventilated places, avoid prolonged spraying.’ …

A spokesman for Re-Solve, a charity fighting solvent abuse, said it was the first case they were aware of in which somebody died as a result of accidental exposure to solvents in aerosol cans. – dailymail

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