Strange Creature in the Water

By | July 10, 2009

Strange Creature in the Water

What do you think this is? I was amazed by the number of ideas from youtube posts:

dog, sea slug, fish-bird, fresh water sea angel, jellyfish, a fake, a mutated mushroom, a nudibranch, a duck, a butterfly ray, a fish, a squid, a baby sting ray, a vagina, a legless lizard, a bluetailed duck fish, swimming butterfly, a butterfly fish, Aplysia fasciata, a sea hare, a mollusk missing a shell, Aplacophora ( a worm-like shell-less marine mollusk), a river fluke, conefunnel jellyfish, a Kinabalu Que Leech, a squid, a tape worm, a sea squirt, a cuttlefish, a t-rex, a jumping water turtle, a lil water dragon, a mini nessie, a water cow, a sea hare, a floating testicle, a pokemon, a lion, a deep sea fishing lure, the keruptus shoreline jellyfish, a succubus, a shark, a baby octopus, a radioactive condom, a Sea Bat, your mother, a dead cat,  a line toy, an elephant, a giraffe, a kwal, a bream, godzilla.

3 thoughts on “Strange Creature in the Water

  1. Miss Katonic

    They forgot Cthulhi (the star-spawn of the Great Cthulhu) ^^

    In any case, looks freaky. Hope we get an answer on this.

  2. Tachyon

    Looks like some kind of bird using its wings to “fly” underwater as it grabs bugs off the surface. The feathers are spreading wide in a fan shape, giving it a stingray-like appearance.

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