Strange Clouds Filmed

By | October 3, 2008

Here is a Babel Fish translation of the spanish text:

A strange cloudy series of formation brought about the surprise of the crew of a Japanese commercial airplane while it realised a flight on the sea of Okhotsk. The extended clouds presented/displayed formation, distributed of equidistant way throughout 100 kilometers in the sky. A cloud is a visible mass formed by crystals of snow or suspended drops of water in the atmosphere.

Is there a meteorologist who can comment?  Are these due to gravity waves?

2 thoughts on “Strange Clouds Filmed

  1. Ann

    At about the same time, every year somewhere in Australia, I think in the central part of the country, there are also similar cloud formations. It is a sort of annual event for glider enthusiasts. It’s the result of sudden alterations in weather condition due to seasonal temperature changes, if I remember correctly.

    You’ve done it again, Xeno, Superb collection of news items. Thanks.

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