Still sick, infection moving in to eye and lungs

By | January 4, 2009

Still sick, infection moving in to eye and lungsUnfortunately the breathe right strips opened the path from my throat up to my eye. Now I understand why nature plugs your sinuses when you have a sore throat. It is to protect your eyes. My left eye feels like sand paper and has a thick white puss, and now I also have a painful cough. I started Azithromycin today, which is only fatal in extremely rare case. 😉 Not posting much at present, but as with 2008, I expect to be posting a few of the world’s top strange news items each day in 2009, so check back.

Lef Eye, Pink Eye

Pinkeye can be caused by many of the bacteria and viruses responsible for colds and other infections, — including ear infections, sinus infections, and sore throats … – kh

Eyelids stuck shut when you wake up…. Uncomfortable, thick yellow or green discharge (often a bacterial infection)

Antibiotic eyedrops or ointments may be prescribed, as well as ocular decongestants, anti-allergy medicines, or anti-inflammatory medicines.

wash your hands thoroughly and often.
Wash and change sheets and pillowcases every day.

Pinkeye (viral conjunctivitis) usually goes away in 10-14 days, but symptoms may last for up to 6 weeks.

Damage to the cornea (the clear covering over the iris) may occur if infections are not treated.

If your infection is bacterial, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic eyedrops as pink eye treatment, and the infection should clear within several days. – mao

Bacterial Conjunctivitis is caused by certain bacteria that have made their way to the eye. Examples of bacteria include staphylococci and streptococci. – ecs

2 thoughts on “Still sick, infection moving in to eye and lungs

    1. Xeno Post author

      I’m glad you posted about this!

      This reminds me that I started antibiotics on January 4, 2009. On March 27, 2009 I wrote “I’ve had this crazy ringing in my right ear for months now. Just last night it moved into both ears.”

      Antibiotics did help my eye in this case, but I also had a viral infection which lasted about a month and no antibiotics can help that. Antibiotics kill only bacteria, not viruses or fungi.

      A year later I still have the tinnitus from non-reversible nerve damage which seemed to happen at the time I took Azithromycin.

      Checking on that theory, I see that I had an audiology appointment Oct 23, 2008, several months before I took the antibiotics… I should figure out what I was seen for in the audiology lab at that time. Could have been follow up on a perforated ear drum, and not tinnitus.

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