Staying positive in a difficult world: Self awareness is the key.

By | June 18, 2008

Thanks to professor Patrick for his feedback about negative comments on this blog lately.

The FBI assassin joke I posted was funny to me at the time I posted it because it was absurd and surprising.

It was also violent and insulting.

After some meditation (“What is wrong about enjoying violent insulting humor? Millions do…”) I see that several people have been trying to tell me the same thing: I harbor unresolved bitterness.

Time to do some work and get back on track.

Progress comes sometimes when we drop our defenses, step out side of our enormously inflated egos, become humble and curious, and look honestly at the facts in that state of mind. And if, while there, you see that you are wrong, own up, then adjust.

The truth is, we live in a disturbing world. Human feet are floating to the surface, a dog gets sucked up by a street sweep machine, the Mississippi River is rising, a village re-elects a dead mayor, a gardener dies of breathing Aspergillus fungus, and so on. How to stay positive?

Balance. Realize that the truth is, we also live in a fun amazing word. You just have to look in the right places.

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