Star Trek: Enterprise

By | February 21, 2010

I’m just now getting caught up on some older Sci Fi TV shows.

Enterprise (retitled Star Trek: Enterprise at the start of its third season) is a science fiction television program created by Brannon Braga and Rick Berman and set in the fictional Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s. The series follows the adventures of humanity’s first Warp 5 starship, the Enterprise, ten years before the United Federation of Planets shown in previous Star Trek series was formed.

Enterprise premiered on September 26, 2001. The pilot episode, “Broken Bow“, takes place in the year 2151, halfway between the 21st-century events shown in the movie Star Trek: First Contact and the original Star Trek television series. Low ratings prompted UPN to cancel Star Trek: Enterprise on February 2, 2005, but the network allowed the series to complete its fourth season. The final episode aired on May 13, 2005. After a run of four seasons and 98 episodes, it was the first Star Trek series since the original Star Trek to have been cancelled by its network rather than finished by its producers. It is also the last series in an 18-year run of back-to-back new Star Trek shows beginning with Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987.

I’ve been watching Star Trek: Enterprise episodes sequentially on my iPhone. Only $12.99 for the first season. I’m now up to Episode 13, and I’m really enjoying it. There is one thing I’m not enjoying, however, because it just does not fit.  I think the theme song “Faith of the Heart” is the main reason this series failed.  It’s just not a SciFi theme song.  I’d rather hear the Trek theme played by a banjo than this song one more time.

Faith of the Heart” is a song written by Diane Warren and originally performed by Rod Stewart for the soundtrack to the 1998 film Patch Adams. … “Where My Heart Will Take Me” is a reworked version of “Faith of the Heart”, which was performed by English tenor Russell Watson as the theme song to the 2001 television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. Danny

    I am with you there. The song is odd but i ended up watching the series on video files that cut out most of the intro songs. I absolutely loved season 3 of enterprise. To me that was old school Trek at its best and the over arching story for the whole season makes it pretty compelling. I was actually disappointed they ended the series after 4 seasons. But don’t listen to the haters this series is great. From what I can tell most people who didn’t like it didn’t get past the first few episodes.

  2. Macintosh


    BTW, I really appreciate your blog, read it as much as I can. It is very entertaining and interesting!!

    And, I totally agree with you, theme song to the Enterprise series messed the whole show up!! I really loathe the cheesy lyrics and the “modernized”, history-like intro.. Whats with that?! I mean, who in their right mind? If you love sci-fi, why try to turn it in to dawsons creek?

    I actually haven´t watched that much of enterprise.. Maybe I should try to make an effort. 😉

    Peace, and thanks again for a wonderful blog/website!

  3. dogsounds

    I actually quite enjoyed Enterprise. Never got past season two half way due to a change in cirsumstance at the time, but I thought it was good. Preferred it to Voyager, which frankly bored me senseless. But it didn’t even touch DS9, which I would say was the best of the bunch.

    But I think the time for TV Star Trek franchise series’ had sadly been and gone by then, and it quietly died off.

    There’ll be another series of some sort, someday, no doubt. But the forced break will do it all good.

  4. Sam

    Xeno, you’ll really like the next three seasons if you’re enjoying the first. They’ll seem a little more focused than the ones you’re watching now. Despite its critics, I find this series to actually be the best Trek since Next Generation, and not deeply inferior to it, either.

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