Quiz: ‘Star Trek’ character, NPR personality or food additive?

By | May 8, 2009

Quiz Star Trek character NPR personality or food additive

I don’t listen to NPR much. See if you can do better than my 80% on this quiz.

On a daily basis “Star Trek” doesn t bother me much. We live in a state of mutual disinterest. But when asked about “Star Trek ” for reasons beyond me my nose crinkles and I mumble how it s dull and I could never get in it. But the other night I saw the new “Star Trek” picture and in the days since I have realized “Star Trek” is not so different from what I encounter during my daily routine. Indeed the names–intergalactic or otherwise–sound familiar. Which led me to devise the following quiz Guess if each of the following is a “Star Trek” character a food additive or a NPR personality.

Take the quiz here: ‘Star Trek’ character, NPR personality or food additive? — chicagotribune.com.

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