Stabilized Bigfoot footage

By | September 18, 2008

Click to enlarge. (fixed link.)  Very interesting. Okay what this is a frame by frame correction of the original Patterson film to remove the camera movement. After the correction, you can see the actual subject of the video more like it would have appeared to the viewer without a camera. I think you might be able to make a suit like this by saving your own hair for a few years and gluing it to a costume … then again, the muscles on the thing look real as it walks.

The Patterson-Gimlin film (also referred to as simply the Patterson film) is a short motion picture of an unidentified subject filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin who claimed the film was a genuine recording of a Bigfoot. The film has been subjected to many attempts both to debunk and authenticate it. Some qualified scientists have judged the film a hoax with a man in an ape suit, but other scientists contend the film depicts a cryptid, or animal unknown to science.

Both men have always dismissed allegations that they had hoaxed the footage by filming a man wearing an ape suit; in fact Patterson, who died of cancer in 1972, swore on his death bed that the footage was authentic and he had encountered and filmed a large bipedal animal unknown to science. Allegedly Patterson had confessed to the owner of Yakima camera store that he hoaxed the film to generate money for his wife, since he was dying of cancer. His friend and business associate, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax with Patterson and claims that that he and his partner had encountered a real Bigfoot. However, he avoided publicly discussing the subject for many years until about the year 2000 when he began giving interviews and making appearances at Bigfoot conferences. – wiki

Here is more from wiki about the camera and film speed in response to the comment this animated gif generated:

One fact which complicates discussion of the Patterson film is that Patterson says he normally filmed at 24 frames per second, but in his haste to capture the Bigfoot on film, he did not note the camera’s setting. His Cine-Kodak K-100 camera had markings on its continuously variable dial of 16, 24, 32, 48, and 64 frames per second and was capable of filming at any frame speed within this range. The speed of the film is important because, as Napier writes, “if the movie was filmed at 24 frame/s then the creature’s walk cannot be distinguished from a normal human walk. If it was filmed at 16 or 18 frame/s, there are a number of important respects in which it is quite unlike man’s gait” (Napier, 94 [2nd printing]). Unfortunately, the film is so shaky that it is difficult to be certain which speed is correct.

Krantz argues, based on an analysis by Igor Bourtsev, that since Patterson’s height is known, a reasonable calculation can be made of his pace. This running pace can be synchronized with the regular bounces in the initial jumpy portions of the film that were caused by each fast step Patterson took to approach the creature. Based on this analysis, Krantz argues that a speed of 24 frames per second can be quickly dismissed and that “[w]e may safely rule out 16 frames per second and accept the speed of 18.”

Dahinden stated that “the footage of the horses prior to the Bigfoot film looks jerky and unnatural when projected at 24 frame/s” (Perez, 21). And Dahinden experimented at the film site by having people walk rapidly over the creature’s path and reported: “None of us … could walk that distance in 40 seconds [952 frames / 24 frame/s = 39.6], … so I eliminated 24 frame/s” (Perez, 21). … – wiki

This from BFRO:

The Patterson footage has never been debunked as a hoax. No one has ever demonstrated how it was done. Neither the original “costume,” nor a matching costume, has ever been presented by honest skeptics, nor by various imposters who claim to have worn the costume.

Large amounts of money have been spent trying to make a matching costume. The best Hollywood costume design talents have been brought to the task, but have never succeeded. The British Broadcasting Corporation spent the most money so far. They failed miserably. The side-by-side results are shown below.

I’d have to agree with BRFO on this one. Not even close. Besides the obvious hair length and color differences, look at the muscles in the Patterson creature, and the chest. Also notice that the face looks like a ski mask with a cut out window for the eyes. In the stabalized video the creature does not seem to move in an unnatural way.

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  1. lordhaxor

    Just one question. Which old camera (asuming it is old, looking at the noise and the black and white scheme) is able to shoot that many photos in such a short time frame?

  2. Xeno Post author

    Leroy, okay, great… let’s see it. … I’d like to see if anyone has a suit like that and can reproduce that video convincingly. Looks like a real animal to me. I even dressed up with some friends in some monkey suits and had an experienced horror film maker film us. We just looked like guys in monkey suits.

  3. Leroy Blevins Sr.

    Xeno you asked and now you received. take a look at my site and you will see the Patterson footage is a hoax. For even Bob Gimlin claim he was on his horse the time they seen the Bigfoot not true for Bob Gimlin was behind the brush as the Bigfoot walked by. And there was other men there that day with them for the footage show this as will.

  4. Xeno Post author

    Some very nice work there Leroy, great site.

    That mask is very close indeed! I also thought your point about the seam where the leg joins the hip was a strong one as well, looking at the still.

    If it was someone in a costume–speaking as someone who has been in a costume trying to imitate bigfoot–I’m still impressed with the person’s ability to walk normally with those huge feet, and to move around so fast without having to look at what he was stepping on.

    I know it would be expensive, but it would be great if you could make the full costume and film someone walking in it in a similar place. That would really convince people. The muscles in the arms and legs in the Patterson video while the creature is walking look more real than any costume I’ve seen in motion.

    Anyway, thanks for an interesting site. I’ll check it out in more detail later.

  5. Leroy Blevins Sr.

    Xeno- First I like to thank you for the comment. And yes if I had the money I can make a costume like this. And as I did my research on the Footage there are other thing I found in the footage that is not on my site. Like the Bigfoot stop 3 time and then started walking again and the film was shot at 16fps Now Patterson started to film at normal speed at 24fps however when it came to film the Bigfoot he had it set to 16fps and this is one reason why they can not duplicate the walk for if they filmed at 24fps they can duplicate the walk. And this is told in other research told on the footage. Now I do like to say there is real Bigfoot out there for I have done research on real Bigfoots. And the Bigfoot does have a real name as well they are called Edomites. And the story of the Bigfoot can be found in the Bible. For the first Bigfoot was Esau the grandson of Abraham and the brother of Jacob. For Esau was a big man and had hair that covered his body and it was red. Now Esau also had a smell to him and he also made a bitter cry same as the Bigfoot today. For I have found locations where they can be found and I know all about the past of the true Bigfoot. And they are human and they are Edomites. And no other research knows this however they do now. LOL I like to thank you again for your time in this matter and God Bless. BBI where we not only tell the truth we show it.

  6. Leroy Blevins Sr.

    Ok here is how it goes. The Bible tells us that Isaac wife Rebekah had two manner of people shall be separated. And the one people shall be stronger then the other. Now Esau was born with hair all over his body like a red hairy garment. Now Jacob his brother fooled their father Isaac by having the skins of the kids goat on his arms and his neck. And this is what the hair that covered the body of Esau the hair was that of a kids goat.Now after Jacob got the blessing from his father Esau was upset and made a very bitter cry. For even in the Bible tells us that Esau had a smell of the fields. And you know the smell of the fields is the smell of animals. Now the blessing that Isaac gave to Esau he was to live of the earth and drink the waters of the dew. Now Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for some red lintels stew. And then he became Edom. Now Esau had 5 wives and all 5 wives had kids by Esau and they looked like Esau. Now 4 wives of Esau had other kids by the sons of Esau as well. Yes the mother of the sons also had kids from their sons as well. But only 1 wife had kids by Esau. Now all Edomites was not like Esau however the words two nations meaning two different kinds of people the one kind of people is smooth skin like we are today and the other kind of people will be bigger then us and stronger then us and have hair all over their body’s. So you see all Edomites was not hair however they are Edomites. For Esau was the first and then he had kids and they had kids and this is why they are not like we are today for we inter act with one another and for them they only inter act with them self. And a lot of Edomites died and most of them left Edom and have not been seen over 3000 years. And this is the start of the true Legend of Bigfoot. For you see every story have a start and a end However I looked for that start of the story and found what people call Bigfoot today are in fact Edomites.

  7. Xeno Post author

    Do you know about the hairy wild forest man named Enkidu in the story of Gilgamesh? Some people say Enkidu is the original bigfoot. The Gilgamesh story is much older, over 1,300 years older, in fact, than when archaeologists tell us the Edomites emerged.

    we have precious few materials for the Israelites and Edomites prior to this time period. Both peoples seem to have emerged, archaeologically, around 1200 B.C.E. The bible portrays a great deal of enmity between the two peoples. The Edomites are allegedly descended from Esau, Jacob’s twin brother, who began fighting even in the womb. Esau was born first but according to the bible, Jacob tricked him out of his inheritance, becoming Isaac’s heir, and Esau threatened to kill him.

    Later, in the aftermath of the Exodus, the Hebrews asked the Edomites for permission to cross their territory, but the Edomites refused, threatening military retaliation. Over the next few centuries, the bible shows the Israelites sometime defeating the Edomites and the Edomites sometimes defeating the Israelites.

    The Greeks conquered Edom around the fourth century B.C.E. and renamed it Idumea. – ggreen

    Gilgamesh = between 2750 and 2500 BCE. Edomites = around 1200 BCE. When you are talking about dates before Christ, the bigger numbers are older, of course.

    BCE stands for “Before the common era.” It is expected to eventually replace BC, which means “Before Christ,” or “Before the Messiah.” BC and BCE are also identical in value. – rt

  8. Leroy Blevins Sr.

    Here is where it get better. The story of Gilgamesh. You know a lot of people get the stories told in by Gilgamesh with the stories told in the Bible. However the two are different then one another. Now my research on the story of the flood and Noah’s ark. I have gone over the story in the Bible on the ark of Noah and even gone over the story told in Gilgamesh and they are two different stories. In the story of Noah, Noah was told to build an ark and in the story of Gilgamesh, Utanapishtim was told to build a boat. And I did the design from both stories and you know I found both location of the ark and boat made from that time. And yes I have real photos of these locations. Now the one location of where the boat from the Gilgamesh story is the boat found by Ron Wyatt. Now the location of Noah’s ark is locked in the rocks just above the Ahora Gorge at 14,563ft. And I have real photos of this location and you can see a barge shape ark locked in the rocks. Now this is where the fun comes in. Yes there are more than 1 ark for after I look over the story of Noah told in the Bible and then gone over the story of Gilgamesh and found both locations of these ark. I started to go over other stories of the flood and did the design of the ark’s and boat told in them other stories and you know what I have found the locations of about 4 more ark’s told in them stories and yes I have real photos of them locations as well and they show ark’s and boats in them locations.Now you have to see the hole story before you can see what is truly told. For even the Bible tells us that all race of man was made on the 6th day in the beginning. And this is told in Chapter 1 of Genesis verse 26: And God said, Let us make man in our image and after our likeness and let them. I will stop there. So you see in this verse God was talking to others with him on that 6th day and God said “Let us make man” For God made one man out of his image and likeness and the others with God made man out of their image and likeness. And this is why we have different race of man today. Now the race of man God made is no longer here for this why the flood. For the flood took away all that God had made on the earth and all the other people that was made by others with God made ark’s and boat to save that race from the flood. For in the story of Gilgamesh it is told that one of the counsel of the God’s told this man in a dream and in the story of Noah told in the Bible Noah was told by Lord God. Now even when you look in the Bible it talks of two God’s you have God and then you have Lord God. For the Lord God took the man he had made out of his image and likeness and place him in the Garden that he made and then the man had to put names to all that the Lord God made in this Garden and it took 100 years for this man to do it. And that man was Adam now after Adam put the names to all that the Lord God had made then the Lord God made him a wife. However like I said it took Adam 100 years to put the names to all that Lord God made. And Adam was 100 years old and then he got Eve his wife. Now the stories told in Gilgamesh is the bloodline of that breed of man and the Bible tells the bloodline of the Hebrews. Now I have done research on the Bible and other stories of the past. Now like the name of the man that wrote the first 5 books in the Bible was Bez-a-leel. And the only way we can back date the first 5 books of this man is we need to find the ark of the covenant For these 5 books was placed in the ark with the ten commandments. And this is told in the Bible of where the real first 5 books are in the ark. So you see we will never know the hole story for the story of Gilgamesh and the story in the Bible are two different stories. Like when I found the ark of Noah you look over stories of eyewitness claiming to have seen the ark however the design of the ark they seen is different in some ways. Like the ark seen by George H. He claim to see the ark at rest on a ledge on Mt. Ararat and then goes on telling the ark with a vent on the roof and with stairs on one side of the ark. And I found this in a photo of Mt. Ararat and you can see the ark with a vent on the roof and the stairs going up to the roof. Now there are others claiming to seen the ark up more on Mt. Ararat and the ark was a barge shape with a vent going down the middle of the roof. Now I have a real satellite photo of this ark with the vent on the roof of the ark. Now in the story of Noah there was no vent told to Noah to make on the ark. For the design of the ark is told in the Bible so I did blueprints of this ark. Now the eyewitness claim to have seen the ark locked in the rocks at 14,500ft just above the Ahora Gorge. Now I have got a photo of that location and yes you can see this ark locked in the rocks just above the Ahora Gorge at 14,563ft. Now the only thing from my findings and the claim by eyewitness is 63ft and all the rest is the same. And this is why in the stories of the flood they give the design of the ark’s and boats and what they was made out of so we know who built what ark or boat. Now I have made videos I place on youtube and made a web-site of the ark of Noah. Now before I make claim I check and double check and then check again before I make a claim. Just like the Patterson footage all these researchers just look at the bigfoot itself and don’t pay attention to the surrounding however the surrounding can tell a story as well. And this is why I found all the things I show about the Patterson footage. Now if you like to see a real photo of a Bigfoot I have one. For like I said people don’t take the time to take a look around. And I say this is that just the other day I was looking over Google Earth looking over locations where Bigfoot was reported. And then I can across a photo on Google earth and it show a photo of Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisianna and this photo was taken by Spoonbill & Egrets. Now they take photos for Google earth and show locations. Now they did not knew they took a real photo of a Bigfoot yes I said a Bigfoot for I was looking over the photos and in a fare distance you can see this object so I zoom in on this to take a better look and this is what you can see. A big hair man that is setting down on a tree with a stick in it’s hand and you can see the back of him and you can see the hand and fingers and even the ear of the Bigfoot. Now this is a real Bigfoot for like I said they did not knew they took a photo of a bigfoot.And this is no hoax this is a real one. Now the photo is still on Google earth and you can even see it for yourself. And you can even zoom in on it. So you see people don’t take the time to do the research and take the time to take a look around for if they did things today would be a lot better. I like to thank you for the time in this matter and if you like to know more about my research or even if you like to know the true story of Noah feel free to ask.
    Thank you and God Bless

  9. Leroy Blevins Sr.

    Now if you don’t mind I like to give you a little insight on the real story of Noah. Noah and his sons did not build the ark for Noah got other people to build the ark for him. And the only thing that Noah made on the ark was the window and that was it. Now let me show you why I say this. The age of Noah and his sons at the time of the flood.
    Noah was 600 years old.
    Japheth was 100 years old.
    Shem was 98 years old.
    Ham was 97 years old or younger.
    Now the age of Noah at the time of his sons birth.
    Noah was 500 years old at the time of the birth of Japheth.
    Noah was 502 years old at the time of the birth of Shem.
    Noah was 503 years old or older at the time of the birth of Ham.
    Now by this Noah was 500 years old when he started to build the ark and by looking at the time line told in the Bible and the age of his sons there is no way one man can build the ark and by the time line you see Noah’s sons was not even born at the time of the ark being started. The only son Noah had at that time was Japheth and he was a new born. Now here some other things about Noah. Noah father died 5 years before the flood and Noah’s grandfather died at the time of the flood. Now Noah was alive in the time of Abraham and Noah died when Abraham was 57 years old. Now Shem was the great grandfather of Abraham and Shem lived in the time of Abraham and even after the time of Abraham. Now the flood was not that big as they think and here is why I say this. In the Bible in the beginning the earth was one big land mass and all the water was in one location. And the mountains tops was only 45ft more higher then the highest hills. So the flood was not that big as they claim. Now 101 years after the flood in the days of Pe-leg is when the earth divided and became the way we see it today. And this was 101 years after the flood. Now the Bible also tell us the birth date of Noah and let me show you. From the beginning to the time of Noah it was 1061 years and from the time of the beginning to the time of the flood was 1661 years. For Adam lived for 930 years and he died 131 years before the time of Noah. Now as told in the Bible in the 601 years on the first day and the first month the earth was dry. Now this is March first and this is also the day that Noah was born. For after the flood time started over and we started to go on Noah’s time for it said in the 600 years of Noah’s life and then in the 601 years the earth was dry and this is the time of Noah. For if it was talking about from the beginning you will see it said in the 1661 years the earth was dry. But it said in the 601 years and this is Noah’s time and this is his birthday March 1st. Now one more thing about Noah the true time line in the time of Noah was not like it is today for the time line in Noah’s time was shorter. And this is told in the Bible by the time line. In Noah’s time here is what the years and month looked like.
    10 month in 1 year
    210 days in 1 year
    3 weeks in 1 month
    21 days in 1 month
    And this is how they lived longer. For if Noah was going on the same time as we did today then it would have been 57 years to build the ark and not the 100 years as told in the Bible. So you see the Bible gives us the true story of Noah however over the years people put things to the story that is not true. Like telling people that Noah and his 3 sons build the ark and this is one reason why people don’t believe in the Bible. For this is what man tells of the story of Noah however the Bible don’t tell us this only men. And like the ark they claim the ark came to rest on top of Mt. Ararat when in fact the ark came to rest on the high hill next to Mt. Ararat. However today that high hill is now part of Mt. Ararat and it is now a mountain today.
    Well I will let you go and have a nice day and God bless

  10. Jesus Christ

    The Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot that was made in 1967 is real. The NASI said that the creature had both human and gorilla features. Bigfoot is a human-primate hybrid. Half man and half gorilla. A man made creature that was created several thousand years ago by men who were slaves that ran off and ended up in Africa. They used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them. That’s where Bigfoot and eventually the African people came from. For all the skeptics out there, they were real men that had real sex with real female gorillas. And nobody was wearing a costume at the time.

    1. Leroy Blevins Sr

      Bigfoot is not part man and part gorilla. In the beginning of the what people call Bigfoot are Edomites. The beginning of this type of man is told in the Bible. The start of the story of Esau he was the first Bigfoot and he was the grandson of Abraham. I did research on this type of man. And the Bigfoot in the Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot film is a hoax for I made a costume just last year and it looks just like the Bigfoot in the PG film. I have done a year research on this film and photos and I found it to be 100% hoax. And in my research I found the proof to back up my claim. As for the NASI report they don’t no nothing about a Bigfoot so how can they claim it’s real or not. But as for me I did research on the real Bigfoot and I also did research on the Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot film and I even seen 9 years ago a real Bigfoot and believe me the one in the film did not come close to what I have seen. And I believe in what I see and not just some hoax.In the last month I did research on the JFK Assassination and I found two other gunmen on the grassy knoll and again I have the proof to show. Like to see this proof go to this site to see.
      JFK Assassination

      My costume of the Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot

      Bob Gimlin behind the brush

      The muscle movement in my suit

      Copy of the walk they they claim no human can do and I did it on my first try.

      Noah’s ark

      So you will see by these site of my videos that I don’t just put words and claims out there I find the proof to back up those words and claims. And no other research on this earth has done more research and found things like I did in the past 10 years. In my research I look for the truth behind the story and then look for that proof to show. And I am not only in the field of research on one subject I look over all different types of research fields.
      Just like the claims they claim no one can make a copy of a costume that is in the Bigfoot film but I did and that was the first costume I have made. They claim that no human can walk like the Bigfoot in the film and again I did this walk on my first try. So you see they can put anything on paper and make all the claims they like but what can they show as real proof (Nothing).But as for me I make a claim and before I make that claim I have the proof in hand to show and they make that claim.
      So please don’t think you can tell me that the Bigfoot in the Patterson and Gimlin film is real and then go tell a story you know nothing about when you need to do the research first and find the proof to show. And please don’t point out research done by others when they just make claims with no proof to back up that claim.

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