Ssshock as snake pops out of toilet

By | May 18, 2006

Ssshock as snake pops out of toilet

A snake slithered up a drain pipe and popped its head out of a toilet in a Shropshire village as an 11-year-old boy was in the bathroom.

Daniel Peate, of Ruyton XI Towns, spotted the creature as he was getting ready for bed on Monday evening.

The slippery snake, measuring about two-and-a-half feet, prevented other members of the family from using the toilet as it sat in the bowl for an hour-and-a-half before it slithered back down the pipe.

The snake was sandy brown and is believed to be a corn snake, a typical pet variety.

Daniel?s dad, David, said: ?Daniel was getting ready for bed so he went to the bathroom and low and behold there it was. He was very cool and collected about it. He?s a bit of a prankster so I didn?t believe him at first, but I went in, lifted the lid, and there it was smiling at me.? – more

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