Sperm warfare: High-tech male contraception

By | September 20, 2008

… science finally may have found an answer for reversible, reliable and easy contraception for men with a new breed of futuristic, nonhormonal gizmos that promise a high-tech solution to sperm control. Teams around the globe are developing new techniques that can block ducts in the testes, zap sperm before they come out of the body or even scramble sperm production. …

Switching sperm flow on and off

Professor Derek Abbott and his team from the University of Adelaide in South Australia have invented the first remote-controlled key fob that allows men to control a valve that can switch their sperm flow on and off as required.

The size of half a rice grain, the “fertility control micro-valve” is injected by a doctor into the vas deferens, the duct that carries sperm from the testes, a process that needs only a local anaesthetic. The valve can then open and close to control sperm flow out of the body.

“Vasectomy entails surgery, pain and it might not be reversible. Our micro-valve provides an alternative,” says Abbott. Demand for the new valve has been unprecedented. “I’ve been inundated with inquiries from men from all over the world,” he says. The device will now need five years of animal trials before it can be used in human beings. – timesonline

Perhaps if they create a painless pill, and eliminate all STDs … and show conclusively that radio waves have no biological effects… naw. I could think of better things to remote control.

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