Special Ops UFO Manual Looks Authentic: Researchers Claim

By | May 12, 2009

Special Ops UFO Manual Looks Authentic: Researchers Claim

An alleged 1954 U.S. special operations manual that provides instruction on dealing with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings was discussed by researchers Robert Wood, Ph.D., and Ryan Wood Thursday, April 16, on the radio program “Coast to Coast AM.”

The Woods, a father and son team, examine and evaluate the authenticity of various government documents related to UFOs.

They said on Coast to Coast AM that their research indicates the manual has characteristics indicating it is authentic.

The alleged manual is titled “SOM1-01 Special Operations Manual: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal.”

The cover of the manual includes the date April 1954 and notes that it was created by the “Majestic-12 Group.”

Some researchers have proposed that the manual could be a fraud or hoax. If that is the case, which is possible, the manual would not be considered a classified or restricted government document.


In the table of contents, the manual lists six chapters as well as other sub-sections. Additional information at the end of the manual is also of interest.

The sections include:

“Chapter 1 – Operation Majestic-12, Section I: Project purpose and goals”

“Chapter 2 – Introduction, Section I: General, Section II: Definition and data”

“Chapter 3 – Recovery Operations, Section I: Security, Section II: Technology recovery”

“Chapter 4 – Receiving and Handling, Section I: Handling upon receipt of material”

“Chapter 5 – Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, Section I: Living organisms, Section II: Non-living organisms”

“Chapter 6 – Guide to UFO Identification, Section I: UFOB guide, Section II: Identification criteria, Section III: Possible origins”

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