Speaking Words of (Toltec) Wisdom

By | April 24, 2006

Speaking Words of Toltec WisdomA helpful reader writes about love addiction:

“For a very long while I was in this horrible cycle of jumping from one ‘crush’ to the next trying to find something to fill a hole in my life and in my soul. I realized that 1) I didn’t love myself, 2) THAT is what I was missing, and 3) I had no idea how to go about fixing that problem. So I started taking a meditation class through the (Local University’s ) Experimrntal College and to put it simply it has changed things (slowly) wonderfully. And then I started reading some books, not schloppy self-help but books about old spirituality (Toltec wisdom). Okay, so I feel like I sound a bit crazy 🙂 But I’m really truly not, just very happy that I’ve finally begun to realize that I am worthy of love and hapiness- on so many levels! And it’s f#cking cool! So I’m working on it.

To you I would say: actively start telling yourself that you are perfect just as you are. Everyone has things they’d changed about themselves, but even if you did change you’d still be no more or less perfect- just different. And you won’t believe yourself, you’ve just got to keep saying it- and soon it won’t seem like such a con, it will become true to you. Because EVERYONE is worthy of love, from Stalin to Gahndi- everyone (including you)

I feel where you are at, and it can change.”

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