Song in progress, Uranium Train. Animator sought.

By | April 22, 2010

Song in progress, Uranium Train. Animator sought.The bit I’m working on now is a story about a scientist who invents the solution to nuclear pollution but before he can tell the world he gets hit by a train carrying uranium on a rainy night after he has been drinking and the train wreck destroys the entire city and no one can go near it for 1,000 years.

Just like that guy on PBS who used to paint pictures while you watch, I build songs.  I’ll post updated versions of the song over the next few weeks, including vocals. Under  “Xeno Songs” on the left is the first rough sketch of …

Uranium Train (version 0.1 )
2010 by Xeno
All rights reserved. 
Duplication permitted for non comercial use.

I’d like find someone who is interested in creating an animation for this song/story that we could submit to animation festivals.

Contact me if interested:

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