Some Jason Mabie for ya

By | October 11, 2009

Some Jason Mabie for yaJason Mabie is a guy I recently met in Berkeley while he was singing in the BART station subway while I was waiting to see Jason Mraz. Below is some early Jason Mabie. I think this stuff is from 6 years ago. Mabie can sing that razor line that just sounds so sweetly in tune as well as having a nice natural tone. You may not be able to tell from these videos but he was really amazing in person … similar to the vibe I got from hanging out with Jason Mraz in person. I haven’t heard his original songs yet, but if he writes well, he might take off.  Mraz sang in choirs in his early days too.

7-part a capella Bohemian rhapsody arrangement. Spring show 2003.

UC Men’s Octet – Nirvana Medley

UC Men’s Octet – Shout

My Girl (Jason is the 3rd solo)

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