Some high res moon footage recovered in Pink Floyd video vault

By | September 6, 2006

Some high res moon footage recovered in Pink Floyd video vault

… Back in 1979, Clifton was working on a Pink Floyd video… to go along with the smash-album “Dark Side of the Moon.” He wanted some footage of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon… so he sent away $180 and got back a half-hour reel of 16-millimeter film from the Smithsonian.

“I had this idea that I could take segments out of Dark Side of the Moon and make them into a TV special,” said Mr Clifton to Australia’s The Age. “On a visit to Washington, I went to Smithsonian and asked if they had any shots of rocket ships travelling. He said, ‘well, we can give you highlights of the moon shot.’ Clifton never finished the Pink Floyd video… and the film sat in his vault for years.

“I didn’t think another thing about it until a few nights ago when I was watching television and it came on the news,” said Clifton. “And I thought ‘I have got that stuff’.” It turns out Clifton has a copy of only a small fraction of the missing footage… but the fact that he got it from the Smithsonian has put investigators on the trail. Clifton is again going through his vault to find the original canister in which the film arrived… hoping information under the NASA logo will help investigators track down up to 700 missing tapes… before it’s too late. – more

For you who follow the moon conspiracy theory: Here are some nice pics of the models of the moon they used to fake the landings. Wink wink. It will be very interesting to see any high res footage of the Apollo missions.

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