Solo trans-Atlantic rower coped with iPods, candy

By | April 19, 2010

Solo trans-Atlantic rower coped with iPods candy

March 14, 2010, Katie Spotz, 22, of Mentor, Ohio, rows toward shore in Georgetown, Guyana.

An Ohio woman who became youngest person to row across the Atlantic Ocean alone says she got through the journey with four iPods, 300 chocolate bars and 100 audiobooks.

Katie Spotz spent more than two months alone at sea before completing her feat in March. The 22-year-old athlete spoke about the adventure at a welcome-home party Saturday in suburban Cleveland.

Spotz says her training included more than 100 hours meditating to help cope with the loneliness of rowing for 10 hours a day. She said the hardest part was sleeping in cramped quarters and battling sleep deprivation. She split the rowing into two-hour shifts and spent time sending e-mails and Twitter messages.

Spotz, from Mentor, set out from Dakar, Senegal, on Jan. 3 and finished March 14 in Georgetown, Guyana.

via WLS-AM 890.

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  1. Comp. Geek

    It is good to know that iPods can play such an important role. Having four iPods along really stresses their crucial role in entertaining Katie during the two months journey on the Atlantic ocean. What a great achievement, Katie! Well done!

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