Snow falls in western ND, in June. Global Warming?

By | June 8, 2009

Snow has fallen in Dickinson in June, the first time in nearly 60 years the city has seen snow past May. National Weather Service meteorologist Janine Vining in Bismarck says there were unofficial reports of a couple of inches of snow in Dickinson on Saturday. Vining says snow in North Dakota in June is uncommon, though it’s not unheard of. She says other parts of the state have seen June snow within the past 10 years. Williston and Bismarck had received only rain as of mid-Saturday, but Vining said snow was possible in those cities later in the day.

via Snow falls in western ND, in June | North Dakota News.

This unusual snowfall was posted on FARK with the satirical tag “North Dakota city sees first June global warming in 60 years”. No, boys and girls, this is not evidence that global warming is fake. Global warming is an average, a trend. That means if you have one record low, you have more than one record high around the globe, so the overall effect is WARMING.

It’s official: Today is Seattle’s hottest June 3 ever. Temperatures reached 89 degrees by 5 p.m., two degrees higher than the previous record, set in 1978, according to the National Weather Service. The beach weather might be nice for those at … … well … the beach. But some in the city aren’t that lucky. Roofing contractors spend most of their days working with materials, such as tar and asphalt, that absorb enough heat to warm the rooftop temperatures as much as 20 degrees, said Dale Burlingame, vice president at Jorve Roofing Company. And if that weren’t enough, safety procedures require roofing contractors’ bodies to be almost entirely covered — from the top of their hard hats to the steel toes of their boots. “Eighty-eight degrees would feel cool to them,” Burlingame said with a laugh.

via Seattle Times | Seattle sets heat record

And meanwhile June in Canada is breaking heat records:

20 B.C. high-temperature records fall in heat wave

… More high-temperature records tumbled across B.C. on Thursday, but the province’s six-day heat wave should ease today and break by Saturday, Environment Canada said. … Twenty locations around the province broke records for June 4.  Squamish positively sizzled, reaching 36 C, breaking the 1989 record of 28.5. In the Fraser Valley, Hope and Chilliwack hit 34 C, each beating previous highs of 31. In Metro Vancouver, Pitt Meadows reached 32.2, topping the 1989 record of 31.5.

– via Vancouver Sun

Get it? 1 record snow + 1 record high in Seattle + 1 record high in Canada = overall temperature increase.

What is the objective truth? I believe that the majority of scientists who study climate believe that Global Warming is happening because the data says that is the case.

Possible sources of error leading to false increase:

– Bias causing some to select only data which shows the trend they think they should see.

View: Seems unlikely. There are too many scientists looking at too much data.

– Temperature instruments being heated up by being next to buildings so they are not taking measurements representative of the local area. Other equipment problems skewing the data.

View: Not sure, need more info.  Seems unlikely with the number of measuring stations available all over the world.

From wikipedia:

The instrumental temperature record shows the fluctuations of the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans as measured by temperature sensors. Currently, the longest-running temperature record is the Central England temperature data series, that starts in 1659. The longest-running quasi-global record starts in 1850.[1]

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