Snake with foot found in China

By | September 15, 2009

Snake that grew a foot out of its body: Snake with foot found in ChinaA snake with a single clawed foot has been discovered in China, according to reports.

Dean Qiongxiu, 66, said she discovered the reptile clinging to the wall of her bedroom with its talons in the middle of the night.

“I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw,” said Mrs Duan of Suining, southwest China.

Mrs Duan said she was so scared she grabbed a shoe and beat the snake to death before preserving its body in a bottle of alcohol.

The snake – 16 inches long and the thickness of a little finger – is now being studied at the Life Sciences Department at China’s West Normal University in Nanchang.

Snake expert Long Shuai said: “It is truly shocking but we won’t know the cause until we’ve conducted an autopsy.”

A more common mutation among snakes is the growth of a second head, which occurs in a similar way to the formation of Siamese twins in humans.

Such animals are often caught and preserved as lucky tokens but have very little chance of surviving in the wild anyway, especially as the heads have a tendency to attack each other.

via Snake with foot found in China – Telegraph.

Looks like it ate  a lizard that then stayed alive inside of it and became part of it… although I don’t think that is really possible. So, barring some genetic mutation that gives snakes legs, it would be a hoax.

Just in case it was real I want to say this:  DON’T KILL RARE ANIMALS!

Mrs. Duan, alive, this snake could have brought you a lot of money and luck.  You could have sold it to the new International Cryptozoology Museum for, who knows, MILLIONS. But No. You had to kill it. They probably won’t be interested now. Well, perhaps.  Looking forward to hearing how this one turns out.

2 thoughts on “Snake with foot found in China

  1. Loren Coleman

    Hoax, freak of nature, or photoshopping? Who knows what the origins of this story might be.

    But, FYI, whatever it might have been, it would have been accepted as a donation to the International Cryptozoology Museum. But we don’t purchase objects for exhibits like this for even a few pennies, let alone “millions.” LOL.

    We would love to have funding to buy the first body of a Bigfoot, but a freak snake, come on. People send us those kinds of things for free. That’s what makes this museum so unique ~ real cryptozoological evidence mixed with critical thinking educational experience thanks to fakery and freaks of nature like this one. You should see what we have here. 🙂

    Loren Coleman

    1. Xeno Post author

      Honored to have you stop by Loren! Wow! Long time fan of your site and I’m excited about the International Cryptozoology Museum. Hope to visit one day if I ever get over to Portland, Maine.

      Thanks for clearing that up about the donations, although I’d still like to convince people that rare animals are of more value and more interest when they are alive. 😉

      I hope as well that people reading this, if they have a good specimen, will consider donating it to the museum. May your dream grow, prosper and educate as well as entertain people for many years to come.



      PS. There do seem to be possible photo editing seams visible. Does anyone reading this have an image of this Chinese claw foot snake from another angle?

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