Snake head in food rattles diner at NY restaurant

By | May 7, 2009 diner at a T.G.I. Friday’s in upstate New York says he got a little something extra with his broccoli — a severed snake head. Jack Pendleton says he was at the restaurant in Clifton Park on Sunday when he spotted something gray mixed in with his vegetables. He realized it was a snake head the size of his thumb, with part of the spine still attached.

Pendleton says he snapped a photo with his cell phone camera and called the waiter over. He says he has no plans to sue.

A spokeswoman for the Carrollton, Texas, chain says it’s investigating. It wasn’t immediately known what kind of snake it was.

Pendleton and his girlfriend weren’t charged for their meals.

via Snake head in food rattles diner at NY restaurant.

I once got a cooked wasp in my rice.  I stayed away from the place for a few years after that.

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