Small blurry “bigfoot” caught on film

By | January 13, 2010

This still frame from the 2001 IMAX film “Great North” by documentarist Martin Jose’ Dignard, shows a figure that may be a sasquatch.

The film explores the natural history of two regions — Northern Quebec and Northern Scandinavia — with a focus on caribou/reindeer herds.

This particular clip of caribou migration was obtained at a remote location in either Quebec or Labrador (the film doesn’t specify).

The clip was shot from a great distance with a telescopic lens. It shows droves of caribou crossing an unnamed body of water (either a river, or a lake arm, or a fjord arm).

As a pack of caribou exits the water, an upright figure pops up out of a ditch and scrambles toward the moving herd, then quickly hunkers down again out of view. The darting figure is visible only for a few seconds, and only from head to mid-torso.

For the sake of simplicity, and objectivity, we’ll call this dark figure the “Great North Figure” or “GNF”.

We first heard about the GNF a few weeks ago, after some eagle-eyed person noticed it while watching Great North on HULU. That person re-watched the clip a few times and became more intrigued. Subsequently he/she posted something about it on an Internet message board. That board posting encouraged a few other people to send us emails about it. …

via In Search of Great North camera crew.

See the “bigfoot” video here.

… Check out the ape like image at 9:18. Is it a man?– looks like an ape. Could it be a black bear? enh–looks like an ape. – hulu

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