Site with video claims secret night time removal of Egyptian Artifacts near Sphinx

By | May 1, 2010

The heavy work schedule continued through the night for much longer than the movie ran. And by the way…. did we mention… the explosion which occurred later underground from the same area at circa 10.00am local, was felt and heard even by those in the buildings of the nearby village!  … But ‘we’ also precisely know what the target is. We would just like the information for once to be openly yielded during works progress, by the authorities.             and sorry… but we are not holding our breath!

Surely all the behind the scenes excavation activity at Giza deserves as much prominance in the Press as the copious examples of photo-shoots and back-slapping, that flow from the Press like the millions of gallons of wasted water being pumped from below the plateau. – richardg

There have been cases in the past where someone who discovered something opened it and took treatures before the “real” opening. I’m not saying that is going on, but it does look like there is something being moved. There is no way to tell where or when this video was really taken. I’m sure Zahi Hawass would have a reasonable explanation. Perhaps some restoration work. Or they are putting stuff in instead of taking it out. Can’t really tell from the video. Get some good night vision on your videos, and pan around a bit so we can see where you are. Go back in the day time to show what you were filming? Where did the trucks go?

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