Sighting by kids of Aliens

By | June 5, 2009

Sighting by kids of Aliens

One of the enduring ‘Close Encounter’ mysteries is that of the Ariel School UFO/entity sighting in Zimbabwe, which came to the attention of famous ‘alien abduction’ researcher John Mack in 1994:

Mack was looking into a claim by 60 elementary school children in Harare, Zimbabwe, that an oval-shaped silver spacecraft had hovered above their playground one day.

What’s more, the kids said, a strange being some 4 feet tall, dressed in a black uniform, with black eyes the size of rugby balls, approached them, while a similar being stood atop the alleged UFO.

There was talk of empathetic chit-chat, and Mack said 12 of the children gave consistent accounts of the event, leading him to believe it was not a case of mass hysteria.

“Something strange happened to the group of children that left them with the impression some form of sentient life cared about the Earth and cared about the environment and even cared about the children,” said Will Buech, a board member of the John E. Mack Institute in Cambridge. – tdg

Aliens or a psych experiment by a government with some fancy toys?

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