Shock video footage of ‘UFO’ near Bonnybridge

By | January 9, 2009

Eye-witness video footage has emerged of an apparent ‘UFO’ sighting in Banknock, near Scotland’s flying saucer capital Bonnybridge.The extraordinary film comes amidst a wave of similar sightings across the UK. Hysteria began when a giant blade was seemingly torn off a wind turbine by a mystery aircraft in Lincolnshire.

A number of people in the area reported seeing hovering white lights near the wind farm, while Ecotricity, who owns the site, said the extent of damage was “unique” and were not ruling anything out in their investigations.

The Ministry of Defence have since said they are not looking into the incidents because they do not pose a threat to national security.

But judging by the video shown to stv by Neil from Banknock, there just may be life other than we know it.

He said: “I had sneaked off to my loft for a cigarette thinking I wouldn’t get caught. I looked out the skylight and I saw what I thought was a bright star, but it was very bright and orangey in colour.

“So I watched it and then I saw another one. I thought that was an aircraft, but there were no navigation lights or anything.

“Then I saw another one on the horizon rising towards it and that’s when I realised I was looking at something very unusual and I started shouting at my wife, ‘get me the camera, get me the camera’.

“By that time the other two had disappeared. I got the camera and put the camera on it and that’s what you see in the video.”

In Shetland an stv cameraman reported seeing exactly the same kind of lights on New Year’s day in Lerwick. But to his eternal shame he didn’t have his camera with him.

Doubt has since been cast on whether the sightings have indeed been of another world, but Neil insists he is no UFO geek.

“I don’t go looking for flying saucers or anything like that.”

So for now, the mystery continues…

The video doesn’t look like ball lightning to me. The energy output seems pretty stable and long lasting.  No tentacles were shooting out of it.

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