Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor

By | April 30, 2009

Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has come under fire for a controversial Sept. 11 image that was placed in a disaster-preparedness coloring book for children.

The book shows children various disasters, including hurricanes and floods, but one of the pages displayed an illustration of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York. One of the towers has smoke and fire coming out of it, while an airplane is shown heading toward the other tower.

FEMA pulled the coloring book from its Web site on Tuesday after receiving complaints from parents.

via Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor – Orlando News Story – WKMG Orlando.

Should FEMA be in the business of teaching kids about the history of disasters (man made and natural) in the USA?

3 thoughts on “Sept. 11 Image For Kids Causes Furor

  1. Przemysław Pawełczyk (P2O2)

    Aa a “scientist” you should know that 9/11 was meticulously planned what make them excluded from natural disasters’ (mathematical) set. As a “mad” you can say any crap you like, including the type above (the comment of yours).

    BTW. New “American Man” similar to the (in)famous “Soviet Man” is being built now in the USA with small steps. One of it you spotted and dragged out to day light (on your blog), Mr Slightly (really?) Mad Scientist.


  2. Xeno


    Your message is confusing. You seem to be saying that I dragged out a small step in the building of a new “American Man” which is a crazy thing to do. I had never heard the concept of the “New Soviet Man” before your comment. I looked it up on Wikipedia just now. I am not here to glorify selfless collectivism. Teamwork is necessary, yes! … but so is individuality. 9/11 was an historic event but not a natural disaster. Yes, of course, it was carefully planned. We should teach kids the facts, but not with coloring books. American history and Political Science teachers, IMHO, should be teaching what no one disputes: Planes hit buildings. Buildings fell. People died. Bush made speeches. We went to war. And so on… Time will sort out the details of the plans, the criminals who did this, their motives and so on.

  3. Przemysław Pawełczyk (P2O2)


    I have an impression that your present comment is not that one I read before I have wrote mine. Perhaps I was to sleepy and tired then, so I wrongly read out your intentions, the more so I was reading also other blogs at the time on the same subject. Definitely I had to write my comment to other text. Please accept my apologize. 🙂

    I’m still baffled why I did what I did… 🙂

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