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By | August 5, 2008

Hi. This is me, Xeno. What are you doing? I’m shaving. Life is weird, isn’t it?

Hey, email me to buy a ticket to see Xenophilia play at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA. Tuesday, September 9th, 5:30 PM. We play outdoors, but with the same ticket, you also get inside to see the last Monarch’s women’s basketball game of the season … Tall women, b-ball and us singing for you in three part harmony for an hour! All for only $10. Did I mention you get lower level seats for the game which usually cost one million dollars each? This is such a great deal, even if you’ve never seen a basketball game before.  Do it. Will you? Hot. That’s hot.

UPDATE: There are only 50, 48, okay 45 of these tickets left. 43, 39 of these special lower level tickets left …  get yours before they are gone.

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