Secret tunnel digging machine noise?

By | March 23, 2006

Secret tunnel digging machine noise

“The noise – compared to the roar of an engine and the honk of a fog horn – has been blowing in from near the Bay Ridge Channel for nearly a year, but nobody has been able to pinpoint its source. … inspectors scoured the neighborhood, the treatment plant and the Brooklyn Army Terminal, but found no clues.” – NYDailyNews

Master Conspiracy theory: Not all of the billions of dollars for the war have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. Over $9 billion dollars is missing, plus over $565 billion, plus … and so on.

Knowing what they do about global warming, the coming global energy crisis as oil runs out, food shortages, the shutting down of the Gulf Stream, the coming pole shift, solar storms, gamma ray bursts believed responsible for some previous mass extinctions, and so on, the Bush Admin planned 9/11 as a pretext for a massive power and resource grab.

They have been quietly building the most massive underground empire in the history of the world, hiding real activities with nonsense, spreading rumors of underground aliens to discourage serious researchers. Meanwhile, surface lakes and rivers are being drained of fresh water and stored as the world’s primary fresh water supplies melt away. Massive DNA libraries are being built, prisoners are being used as labor and sex slaves and for cloning experiments. Adbuctions, mostly of women and children (est. 797,500 kids in 1999), some conducted under cover of the “alien” story, when the real culprits are world wide Shadow Government undergrounders.

Secret bases on the Moon and Mars are stocked with supplies and nuclear powered flying saucers are being readied for the final assult when secret technology will send booming voices from the sky to freak out the masses and cover up the real game. Those working on secret projects are mislead for security reasons, so very few know what is really going on.

Perhaps I’m just making this all up. I think I’ll make a movie.

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