Scientists to test ‘yeti hairs’

By | July 24, 2008

Hair strands thought to be from a yeti-like creature living in India are to be tested in Oxfordshire.

Scientists at Oxford Brookes University will study the sample, which was found in the state of Meghalaya.

They will see if the strands match a known animal. To date there has been no conclusive proof yetis exist.

The hair was found and handed to BBC reporter Alastair Lawson during an expedition to try and find the animal after a number of reported sightings.

He told BBC Oxford: “The region was thick with jungle and very hot, an unlikely country you might say to find a yeti. – full story on bbc

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  1. RAJA

    My GOD!!! I heard that YETIs exist at upper himalayas (dont believe in existance of YETIs)…they are snow man….now their hairs are finding out in Meghalaya?????….after some years some scientist will say that they have found out some hair of YETIs from bangladesh….

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