Scientists Debunk Astrology

By | April 25, 2006

Scientists Debunk Astrology

One of the largest studies of the possible link between human traits and astrology found little, if any, connection between the traditional sun signs of the zodiac and characteristics of individuals. The study adds to the growing body of evidence that there is no scientific basis for star signs, such as Aries, Taurus and so on. These signs are based on the place of the sun in relation to the date of birth of the subject. The researchers, however, leave open the question as to whether other, more detailed and personal forms of astrology hold any validity.

“When considering the current scientific standing with respect to sun signs, it becomes clear that there is little or no truth in sun signs,” said Peter Hartmann, who led the study, which will be published in next month’s Personality and Individual Differences journal.” – discovery

Astrology is like a Reces Peanut butter Cup. Hey, you got Astronomy in my Psychology! Hey! You got Psychology in my Astronomy… Yum. It is still fun even if it is unconnected to objective reality. I’ve always thought of it as a religion and a way for people to talk about their personalities with eachother. Nothing wrong with that.

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