Scientists capture dramatic footage of Arctic glaciers melting in hours

By | March 2, 2009

Watch the video here.

moulin.jpgScientists have captured dramatic footage of massive lakes in the Arctic melting away in a matter of hours.

Glaciologist Jason Box has been testing a Moulin, a shaft that allows water to travel from the glacier’s surface to its bottom, in a glacier on the Greenland ice cap to find out how fast it is melting.

Dr Box said: “The Moulin is the epicentre of our concern because all the water is running down at this one point.

“It’s just bottomless, no light escapes.”

Balanced on the edge of an ice sheet the team used a flow meter to measure the water speed.

He said: “There’s no escape from a Moulin. It’s just got danger written all over it. But the information is so important that we actually had to take that risk.”

The team found that in just one day 42 million litres fresh water drained down this one Moulin. Dr Box thinks there are hundreds, possibly thousands more Moulins across the Greenland ice cap. …

via Scientists capture dramatic footage of Arctic glaciers melting in hours – Telegraph.

Global warming deniers, like evolution deniers, are blind to the big picture. Warming deniers don’t consider that we are having extra cold in some places right now because so much ice is being melted at the poles. Melting polar ice creates cold air that moves around the planet … but the supply of ice is not endless. The rate of melting is increasing and when it really goes, the entire Earth’s rotation could be thrown off.

Scientists say the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would have such profound effects it would shift the planet’s rotation, sending a bulge of water into the Northern Hemisphere.

The enormous ice sheet, which many experts believe could collapse as the climate warms, is so heavy that as it melts it “will actually cause the Earth’s rotation axis to shift rather dramatically,” reports a team led by geophysicist Jerry Mitrovica, at the University of Toronto. The scientists say the North and South poles would move about half a kilometre if the entire ice sheet collapses and shifts more water north. – canada

Will humans destroy the Earth due to a pervasive mental illness which causes them to deny of observable reality in favor of wishful thinking? Stay tuned…

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