Scientists believe they have found the cure for “Werewolf Syndrome”

By | November 25, 2008

Scientists believe they have found the cure for Werewolf Syndrome

A group of scientists may have found a cure for the rare and strange disease known as Werewolf Syndrome or Hypertrichosis.

Esta extraña enfermedad, que solo podía ser disminuida con un doloroso y costoso tratamiento con láser, la sufren alrededor de 50 personas en el mundo. This strange disease, which could only be reduced with a painful and costly laser treatment, the suffering around 50 people in the world. At Columbia University, believe that by injecting testosterone, ironically a technique used to prevent baldness, it can stunt the growth of hair in those affected. The news will be a great relief for this poor guy who has to shave the thick layer of hair from your face with the support of their parents. rincon

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