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metalbend.jpgby Anthony Bragalia

A research study that has recently been obtained through FOIA offers stunning confirmation that Wright-Patterson Air Force base contracted Battelle Memorial Institute to analyze material from a crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947. Remarkably, the co-author of this very metals study is the same scientist who decades ago had confessed that he had examined extraterrestrial metal from a crashed UFO while he was a research scientist at Battelle! This just-received document also reveals that another one of its metallurgist authors reported directly to a Battelle scientist who was conducting secret UFO studies for the USAF. It appears that the study represents first-ever attempts in creating highly novel and advanced Titanium alloys. Some of these alloys were later associated with the development of “memory metal” of the type reported as crash debris at Roswell.

This 1949 Battelle research study had never before been publicly available until earlier this month. Its release was compelled under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA.) It was sought because references to it had been found as footnotes within later military-sponsored studies on shape-memory alloys such as Nitinol. It was previously believed to be “missing” because both Battelle and Wright historians were unable to locate it. Earlier research had revealed a paper trail that led from Roswell to Wright Patterson, to the doors of Battelle- and to this 1949 study.

Once received, investigators were astounded to learn that the sought study was in fact co-authored by none other than Elroy John Center. Center was a Battelle scientist who -in June of 1960- had privately related that he had analyzed metal from a fallen UFO when he was at the Institute. Citations that had been found to this Battelle report had not listed Center as a co-author. When the report was finally received, Center was revealed to be an “et al” or “and others” author of the study. Center’s story about examining ET debris was first publicly told in 1992. But it was not known that Center was the co-author of this Battelle study until it was obtained under FOIA in August of 2009!

… Nitinol (a lightweight Nickel-Titanium alloy that is the “Cadillac” of memory metals) finds its history in late 1940s metallurgical work at Battelle- in studies that were contracted by Wright Patterson in the months immediately following the Roswell crash.  A metals expert at Battelle during the time -Dr. Howard C. Cross- was leading a dual life secretly researching UFOs for government agencies while at the same time directing top-secret Titanium alloy studies. It was found that Cross “seeded” Titanium alloy studies to the US Navy Lab- where Nitinol was later “discovered.”  Titanium alloy was named as part of the composition of the Roswell memory metal according to General Arthur Exon, Wright’s one-time Base Commander. Exon also referred to the material’s unique “processing” and that the “reports” on the metal “were still around.” Exon spoke of “chemical analysis, compression tests and flexing.” These were the precise tests found to have been conducted on Titanium alloys in the Battelle report received though FOIA.

Read the rest here: The UFO Iconoclast(s): SCIENTIST ADMITS TO STUDY OF ROSWELL CRASH DEBRIS! (Confirmed by FOIA Document) by Anthony Bragalia.

I have a small sample of Nitinol. Fascinating stuff! The reader comments on Anthony’s full article are interesting as well.

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