Russian power station worker Dmitry K ‘murdered six people with home-made electric chair’

By | May 30, 2009

Deadly: Dmitry K is accused of rigging up an electric chair in his garage (file picture)A Russian man killed at least six people with a home-made electric chair, police have revealed.

The power station worker, identified only as Dmitry K, is also accused of designing an electric carpet which would kill anyone who stepped on it.

The 30-year-old lured his victims by posting an advert on an internet website claiming he wanted to buy computer parts, detectives said.

Once at his house, he asked them to sit in an improvised electric chair before tying them up and hitting a button on his computer to activate the current.

After the victim was dead, he took the body to a forest and burned it.

Police only tracked the killer down to his house in in the city of Yekaterinburg, in the Urals, after finding the remains of a 23-year-old student.

The man had been so badly burnt that officers were only able to identify him from dental records.

They also found fingerprint evidence which linked the victim to Dmitry K.

He has admitted the murder – but detectives suspect him of killing at least five other people.

Investigator Vladimir Davydov said: ‘We are fairly sure that there were many more victims.

‘He attacked this victim in his garage, tied him into his death chair and sent a huge electric charge through his body.’

Dmitry K told investigators he would admit other murders if they could find the bodies.

He also claimed he had designed a device which would remotely stop cars passing by his house – and then electrocute drivers when they stepped on his door mat.

He had been planing a machine to erase people’s memory with an electro-magnetic ray, he added.

via Russian power station worker Dmitry K ‘murdered six people with home-made electric chair’ | Mail Online.

Sounds like a bad horror movie plot. If your car stops for no reason when passing by a house in Russia, you know what to do now, right?

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