Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field

By | February 12, 2010 Russian farmer has been convicted of planting landmines around his field to ward off trespassers.

Alexander Skopintsev, from the eastern region of Primorye near China’s border, laid the three devices on his land after building them in his garage.

The 73-year-old had apparently been concerned about the frequent theft of potatoes from his farm.

He was arrested after an intruder set off one of the tripwire-style mines in August and was injured in the blast.

Skopintsev was convicted for the unlawful construction and storage of weapons and received a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence.

“Skopintsev testified that he had prepared the explosive devices to protect his garden against thieves,” regional prosecutors said in a statement reported by RIA-Novosti news agency.

via BBC News – Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field.

What do you think? Should it be legal to do this?

Which James Bond movie had his car explode when a thief tried to steal it?

One thought on “Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field

  1. sciencerules

    Landmines frequently maim or kill kids playing outdoors. Being at that place doesn’t mean there is any intent to steal.

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