Rove ignores committee’s subpoena, refuses to testify

By | July 10, 2008

Karl Rove, President Bush’s longtime political guru, refused to obey an order to testify before a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday.

Rove’s lawyer asserted that Rove was “immune” from the subpoena the committee had issued, arguing that the committee could not compel him to testify due to “executive privilege.”

The panel is investigating allegations that Rove and his White House allies dismissed U.S. attorneys and prosecuted officials who they saw as political opponents. The panel subpoenaed Rove in May after his lawyer, Robert Luskin, made clear the former White House deputy chief of staff would not appear voluntarily. Luskin responded immediately that Rove still would not appear, prompting a threat of prosecution from the Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, and Rep. Linda Sanchez, a California Democrat who chairs the subcommittee on commercial and administrative law. – cnn

There is no “executive privilege” which allows anyone to break laws. The USA does not have a king, it has a president. I agree with from Tom D’Antoni:

So why is Karl Rove walking around free today? Because the Democrats talk a good game but when it comes to taking action, they fail time and time again. It’s simple. Congress tells you that you have to testify? You testify. It’s the law. Period. It doesn’t take an epiphany to know that the Bush administration could care less about the law, the Constitution, morality, or life itself. Where’s the action by Congress to enforce its own subpoena? Where is justice? Where is the Democratic leadership? Send some cops, cuff Rove, march him to the hearing and if he refuses to talk, lock him up till he does. Matter of fact, send him to Guantanamo. He’ll confess to everything from car theft to murdering Jon Benet Ramsey.

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