ROSWELL DEBRIS CONFIRMED AS EXTRATERRESTRIAL: Lab Located, Scientists Named by Anthony Bragalia

By | May 28, 2009

Newly discovered documents reveal that in the months immediately following the purported 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, secret government studies began on a material that was previously unknown to science. The “memory metal” that was studied precisely matches some of the debris material reported by several witnesses to the crash. Evidence shows that -under military direction- these unique metal studies were undertaken by a contracted laboratory that possessed advanced technical capabilities that the U.S. government itself did not have at the time. A former high-level scientist employed by the involved laboratory has offered a confession that he was tasked to study the crashed UFO material. Information provided by two U.S. Air Force Generals also offers direct support for this discovery. …

Battelle scientist Elroy John Center has stated that he analyzed metal from a crashed UFO when he was employed by the Institute. Center was a Senior Research Chemist who worked for Battelle for nearly two decades, from 1939 to 1957. This has been confirmed by both his University of Michigan alumni files and by the location of scientific papers that he authored during his employment while at Battelle.

A graduate Chemical Engineer, Center authored papers that appeared in highly technical journals. His areas of research included the chemical testing of metals; the microdetermination of metals in alloys; and the spectroscopic analysis of unique materials. Center was likely involved in early analysis of the Roswell debris. A groundbreaking metals analysis technique that Center developed has been found cited in studies related to the “polygraphic determination of Titanium” in alloys. Specially-selected Titanium is required to create the Roswell-like “memory metal” Nitinol.

Center’s family members confirm that he had an intense interest in UFOs and the extraterrestrial. In May of 1992, noted historical researcher Dr. Irena Scott of Columbus, OH (herself a former Battelle scientist) interviewed a close professional associate of Elroy Center. Elroy had privately related to him in June of 1960 that while he was employed at Battelle he had been involved in a very strange laboratory project. Center said that earlier he had been tasked by his superiors to assist on a highly-classified Battelle study that was contracted by the government. He said that the project involved work on a very unusual material. Center understood that this debris material was retrieved by the US government from the earlier crash of a UFO. Center referred to the item he studied as a “piece.” He explained that this “piece” was not something with which anyone was familiar. He also said that the debris had been inscribed with strange symbols that he called “glyphics.” Similar markings have of course been reported by some of the witnesses to the Roswell crash debris. Center stopped short of providing any further details. The Battelle scientist passed away in 1991.

via The UFO Iconoclast(s): ROSWELL DEBRIS CONFIRMED AS EXTRATERRESTRIAL: Lab Located, Scientists Named by Anthony Bragalia.

I have some of this material… in wire form. I can’t seem to buy a sheet of it from anyone, however.

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  1. Patrick

    Having recently read about how Bragalia couldnt distinguish between a joke the BLM had indulged in concerning a form containing some information about the ground on the Foster ranch in Roswell, I think Ill take what Bragalia has to say, with a grain of salt from now on. Its highly disconcerting to find out how gullible some of these so called researchers actually are, especially when your the kind of person who cares deeply about the ufo subject, like me!

  2. Mario

    You might be skeptical about this, but the truth is stranger than anyone can digest. The United States made contact with Satan back when the navy did that Einstein experiment labeled the Philadelphia Experiment. Satan warned our government of Christ’s impending attack to on the Earth and all of us. Since that time they’ve been prepping to fight Christ and his angels that are the ones flying around observing us and tampering with our nuclear weapons. Once when I projected into the spirit realm I saw a lot of angels dressed in blue that were chasing a spirit who’d died and they struck him with what looked like a sword of light. His light within seemed to fade and then he kind of sparked off into a dull colorless lump. I also saw a lot of UFOs that looked like they were coming in through some kind of sphere covering the area of the Earth I was at and it was made up of a lot of different spirits that were clad in different colored uniforms and all of them were armed with swords of light. I think God is the one behind the UFO’s and the government is going to fight with his forces trying to take the Earth. Maybe they have developed the technology to kill the spirits or somehow stop them from being successful.

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