Ron Paul at UC Davis

By | May 4, 2012

His ideas would probably fix the economy and put us on a much better track for the future than the other candidates but he won’t win because he is not backed by the military industrial agenda. I’d vote for him, but I can’t, because he doesn’t believe in evolution. That level of ignorance about basic biology is frightening to me. Enjoyed seeing him live, nevertheless.

End the Fed! Bring our troops home! Repeal the Patriot Act! Give people privacy and make government transparent! End the failed war on drugs! Stop torture! Close Gitmo!





5 thoughts on “Ron Paul at UC Davis

  1. Litestyle0o

    Sadly, even if you could get over your own ideology & vote for a more humane candidate, popular vote doesn’t mean SQUAT in a presidential election. Electoral vote determines who’ll be the scapegoat for the net four years.

    1. Xeno Post author

      We have the technology available for a true democracy. Running the country by popular vote day to day on issues would make for an interesting world. Perhaps a disaster, but would that be worse than what we have now? Common sense is uncommon and we all know it, which is what lead to our representative democracy where power attracts the corruptible.

  2. no

    He doesn’t “believe” evolution for a good reason. He’d lose majority of his fanbase. He has much to lose and few to gain. I’m sure he knows evolution to be to true. Not voting because of this is simpyl retarded

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks, you may be right. I’m actually not voting because I believe the game is rigged and has been for quite some time. I see the whole upper level of our political system as a farce, a show put on by our military industrial banker overlords, a false choice created to mollify the slaves into thinking they are in control once every four years. If we get the vote counting software open sourced and get physical receipts that allow a recount in the event of suspected fraud, then I’ll feel right about voting. But that’s not enough. I think Obama did win the popular vote. We thought our anger and grassroots fundraising netted us a people’s candidate, finally! No such luck. It seems he was playing for the same team George W Bush all along.

  3. Sable

    He doesn’t “believe” evolution…what in the world? Why does that even matter in the big picture? Dr. Ron Paul has more that a basic understanding of biology, he has delivered over 4000 babies. BTW Ron Paul has the LARGEST MILITARY SUPPORT of all the other candidates. Ron Paul received 90% of the donations from U.S. active military, almost double Obama’s and more than NINE TIMES the amount of other GOP candidate COMBINED! This are the people that are laying down their lives for our freedoms, shouldn’t we pay attention to them, over the military industrial agenda?

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