Robber Uses Weapon That Dates Back To Stone Age

By | February 26, 2008

7902483_bg1.jpgA robber used a unique weapon — that harkens back to the Stone Age– in two West Hartford robberies.

It’s a very bizarre armed robbery — a first for the town of West Hartford. Surveillance photos show a robber that walked into a Subway and pulled out a rock. He held it over the clerk demanding cash. Police say they are looking for the man and hope to make an arrest soon because he has now hit the same store twice in a few months.

“If you look at the size of that thing, it’s going to split you open — you are going to take him seriously,” Lt. Stephen Estes, of the West Hartford Police Department, said. “You are going to have to because you have to stop and think about what is the mindset of someone who is going to rob you with a rock? Where is their head actually at?”

… Police say the man holding the rock is 20-22 years old, thin, about 6 feet tall. While the weapon is primitive, the charges he can face are not.

“It would be considered the same as a robbery with a gun, with a knife…it’s a 20 year felony,” Lt. Estes noted.

Source: Wtnh

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  1. steven

    wow. thats weird. a guy robing a place with a rock.. please let me know if possibly if hes caught. it seems kind of stupid to rob places with rocks.

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