RIAA loses $222K verdict against Jammy Thomas

By | September 25, 2008

Record companies have to actually show that people downloaded music from your computer, not just that you made it available. And, if they download the music to prove that you allowed people to download it, they too may be guilty of violating the copywrite law. Also, the fines thye are charging are completely absurd. Anyway, they lost in court. Hats off to U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis. Richard Korman has a nice summary of the situation on zdnet.

“Requiring proof of actual transfers would cripple efforts to enforce copyright owners’ rights online–and would solely benefit those who seek to freeload off plaintiff’s investment,” RIAA attorney Timothy Reynolds wrote in a court filing. Thomas is the only individual charged with copyright infringement by the RIAA who has taken her case to trial. – cnet

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