Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

By | December 24, 2008

My friends are out of town or busy, so tonight I took myself on a date to see the new  “Day the Earth Stood Still”. It was entertaining, but as the usher who had seen it twice told me, it’s not a really great movie. I own the original and it was fun to see what elements they kept and what got modernized.

For sci-fi fans The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu Reeves, opens in cinemas on Friday.I enjoyed the special effects but there were a few problems with the plot like the absent president and vice president of the USA and honestly, the kid was too unlikable and annoying.

I felt like the end of this movie was missing. There should have been an  instruction manual that Klaatu leaves us in the end that man must follow or be destroyed.

He might have included a way to build a clean energy source, what to do about religion, how to genetically alter our species for the better to make us live longer and healthier and kill each other less. How to make fresh water cheaply from ocean water would also be helpful.  He could have undone the effects of global warming and cleaned up the polluton on the way out too.  But no, he just left. He wanted to save the Earth from humans, but he did a poor job of it. I wasn’t convnced that our species had learned from this enough to stop destroying the planet.

Will he be back if we don’t clean up our act?

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