Reverend Elijah H. Hankerson, Roswell Base Chaplain may have helped those who saw the aliens

By | October 14, 2009

Reverend Elijah H. Hankerson, Roswell Base Chaplain may have helped those who saw the aliensI found this story by Anthony Bragalia on interesting:

The enormity of suddenly being confronted with sky-fallen craft and beings from another world near Roswell, NM in July of 1947 was no doubt spiritually shattering. The psychological impact of such an event had to have been deep and lasting. Everything must have come into question relative to man’s place in the universe. Newly-acquired information indicates that the Roswell Base Chaplain at the time -Reverend Elijah H. Hankerson- may have provided needed support to those that were not prepared to deal with such a momentous event. There are three telling elements to the Hankerson saga:

– Just days after the crash Reverend Hankerson was shipped out of Roswell Army Air Field and was replaced by a Catholic priest of higher rank
– Hankerson and his wife Annie kept from their children the fact that he was ever even stationed at Roswell. The family is stunned.
– Hankerson may have made a “silent confession” to them at the end of his life, possibly hinting at his involvement

… The role of a Chaplain at Roswell was an aspect that was not considered or examined by early Roswell researchers. Though military officers, ranchers and others were contacted about their possible knowledge of event surrounding the 1947 crash, no one ever considered the Chaplain, and what he knew. Given the significant role that a Chaplain would have played, I decided to track down any information that might lead to the identity of the Roswell Army Air Field Base Chaplain at the time.

Recently, through working with the US Army Chaplain Corps -and with assistance from the Executive Director of the US Army Chaplain Museum at Ft. Jackson, SC- I have conclusively identified the Base Chaplain at RAAF in July of 1947 as Reverend Elijiah H. Hankerson. Rev. Elijah Hankerson was a Black man and a National Baptist. Hankerson began his military career in 1944 and passed in 1990. However, I have located and contacted his daughter- Esther.

Elijah and his wife Annie lived off-base at 601 E. Summit in Roswell. Though Hankerson is mentioned in the RAAF Yearbook, he is not pictured.

Hankerson was replaced as Base Chaplain of RAAF on July 10, 1947 (just days after the event.) Hankerson was shipped out to a location in the South Pacific after the crash. He was replaced by a Catholic Priest, Captain/Father William B. Benson. Benson spoke five languages. His appointment to the base to replace Hankerson was sudden and not planned. The timing of this is interesting, to say the least. Less than a week after the crash, Hankerson was told he had to leave- and base officials brought in someone new.

… Asked if there is anything that he ever said during his life that would possibly indicate his knowledge of the Roswell incident, Esther thought about it and replied, “Yes, there is. Towards the end of his life in 1990, before he became entirely unable to speak, he said some things over and over that made no sense at the time. But they do now.”

Asked what it was that her father said that she found unusual, Esther replied: “There were a few things that he kept repeating as he drifted in an out. My father kept saying over and over “I’m just a Man. But in my Father’s house there are many mansions.” When she asked him “what do you mean?” he replied to her, “Dear, knowing too much is not always a good thing.” This was something she did not understand at all. Her father had a PhD and was also a Doctor of Divinity. She said that her father kept on referring to “the Universe and man’s place in it. He kept on repeating to us, “I’m just a Man, but the Universe, oh the Universe…”

She never knew what to make of these statements, they made no sense- until now. Clearly upset by the implications, Esther said, “Oh dear God, I’m realizing that he was trying to say something to us without saying. My father kept his oath till the end!”

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      Hi Derek,
      Honored that you stopped by. I know the feeling of finding out that a relative hid the fact that he was a big part of something historic for his entire life. Personal ethics keep many people silent about amazing things even today. (If any of those people reading this want to share something, write to me: If it is something about Roswell, I’ll refer you to Anthony Bragalia. After speaking with him and reading his work, I believe he treats people well, that he has a huge amount of information at his fingertips, and that he does careful research to get to the truth. If someone finally reveals the ultimate truth about Roswell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is him.

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