Researchers Say Photo of Jim Morrison’s Ghost Is Real

By | October 13, 2009

Jim Morrison has been dead for almost four decades but a snapshot belonging to longtime rock historian Brett Meisner allegedly shows the Doors frontman haunting his own grave. And now, just in time for Halloween, researchers now claim the image is authentic.

Back in 1997, Meisner decided to take a snapshot next to the rock legend’s grave in the famous Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, not exactly an uncommon thing to do considering some 1000 people visit the grave daily. The photo, taken by Meisner’s assistant, shows the historian casually standing next to Morrison’s plot with one hand in his pocket and a white cloudy shadow to his left, the latter going unnoticed until Meisner finally decided to revisit the photo in 2002. The cloudy obscure image to Meisner’s left appeared to be the deceased singer himself.

Word quickly spread thanks to the Internet and the historian sent the photo in for further analysis, which concluded that the snapshot was indeed as bone chilling as it was first perceived. In a new book titled ‘Ghosts Caught on Film 2: Photographs of the Unexplained,’ researchers rule out both lightning and image manipulation and conclude that the photo is simply “unexplainable.”

“Part of me wishes that I never stepped foot into the graveyard in the first place,” Meisner told the UK’s Sunday Express. His life was never the same after taking it. Not only did his marriage dissolve, but in an eerie coincidence to Morrison’s life, Meisner lost a close pal to a drug overdose as well. The photo also brought all sorts of characters to Meisner’s door, claiming they bore messages from the rock god.

“At first it was sort of interesting to see how many people felt a spiritual bond with Jim and the photo,” Meisner said, “but now the whole vibe seems negative.” Meisner hopes to privately donate the photo and negative.

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Simple Optical Illusion. On a laptop screen move to side to side and you can tell its just the brick colors making up his left arm or the one on the right as we see it. unless his arm has three segments. The shadow from the doorway which is recessed moves in at an angle because of the cameras position. And the shadow that is his face runs into the rest of the doorway. And if you look closely his right leg does not line up with his body on his right side. the way the shadowing is makes it appear to have black pants on. And look at his midsection unless he has put on some weight around the hips. the white shirt effect is the sunlight shining it the recessed doorway at that time of day. It would be easy to reproduce the same effect with the f stop macking the background a little fuzzy

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