Researchers create metamaterial that looks similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes

By | February 2, 2013

Researchers create metamaterial that looks similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes—Researchers from the University of Maryland and Towson University have created a new type of metamaterial that they describe as looking similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes. In their paper, which they’ve uploaded to the preprint server arXiv, the researchers explain how the metamaterial can be adjusted to create a demonstration of a multiverse.

Because the exact definition of a universe is difficult to pin down, it’s difficult to say whether the creation of a metamaterial that acts the same as a theoretical universe, is an actual universe if it follows the same rules. And if that metamaterial is capable of demonstrating different types of universes, with unique properties and rules that govern how things behave in them, is it a true multiverse, or simply a simulation of one?

In the case of the metamaterial made by the researchers in Maryland, the answer might lie in the eye of the beholder. They created a solution that had cobalt suspended in kerosene, than applied a magnetic field. Because cobalt is ferromagnetic, the applied field caused the cobalt to line up in columns. But not just ordinary columns, they were mathematically equivalent to a 2+1 Minkowski spacetime. Light passing through the columns has one dimension of time, while light aligned perpendicular to the columns has two dimensions of space. In this configuration, light behaves according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, which means, it might be construed to be its own unique universe, albeit, analogous to the one we perceive around us. But the researchers didn’t stop there, they found that by varying the amount of cobalt in the fluid, they were able to cause different types of columns to form, collapse, and reform, which don’t necessarily conform mathematically to the laws governing our own universe, but do for others, at least in theory.

This meant they had created a metamaterial that was able to look like different universes at different moments over time. And if it looked like them, and acted like them, who’s to say that each wasn’t a unique existence of a true universe? …

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  1. Fred Killer

    Me; that’s ridiculous.

    All matter is first and foremost an illusion. There is and can only be one space/time continuum, made up of every vibratory frequency theoretically possible.

    It’s called The Electromagnetic Spectrum.
    That isn’t to say that one couldn’t choose which timeline to experience, since in reality, there is no time, outside of space/time – or the goldfish bowl.

    Two or more universes would still occupy the same space or void, which would render them indistinguishable or indivisible as seperate entities. There is, afterall, no separation, only the illusion of separation.

    Furthermore, they would collapse into one Universe as a void has by definition, no mass or in other words, infinite potential, that is to say, zero space or time and therefore no resistance to ‘oneness’ forming.

    It then becomes impossible for more than one universe to ‘Big Bang’ into existence, as all subsequent attempts would simply join the first.

    Looking at it another way, luminous matter occupies just one narrow band in the electromagnetic spectrum. There is vastly more mass out there than we have yet to account for, hence various theories about cold dark, hot dark and other such forms of hidden mass.

    We are multi-dimensional beings, connected to all levels of creation simultaneously through our DNA. That’s the idea anyway, apparently.

    We choose to experience specific times by locking our consciousness into physical vehicles or bodies, much like getting into a car. It’s the only way to focus attention, rather than the alternative, knowing everything all at once and getting infinitely bored!

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