New: Free song from today’s Xenophilia rehearsal

By | March 10, 2008

Our next show is March 21 @ Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, CA.

Come on down if you are in the area. Luna’s has food and beverages and a nice cozy atmosphere.

Free Song Here (Day Dream Believer by Xenophilia – MP3)

This is a first take attempt at Daydream Believer, a song composed by John Stewart shortly before he left the Kingston Trio.

We had to do this song of course because it has the great line, “Cheer up sleepy Xeno”.

For those comparison shopping looking for sound samples, this was recorded outdoors with an Olympus DS-30 digital recorder.

Song is played on Xeno’s slightly out of tune 12-string Takamine acoustic guitar.

Pete the drum scientist is playing Amy’s Djimbe.

I used the Jodix free WMA to MP3 converter to get these into MP3 format and then used Audacity to add a fade in.

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