Refreshing News: U.S. Realeases New $100 Bill (Pics)

By | April 22, 2010

The U.S. Treasury refreshes its currency every once in a while to stay a step ahead of counterfeiters, and this time they’re refreshing the new $100 bill. The new bill will contain a security feature called Motion, where each bill will contain up to 650,000 microlenses embedded in the printing which will allow for an underlying image to shift when the bill is moved. Yep, good old Benjamin Franklin is getting a facelift and here it is.

via Refreshing News: U.S. Realeases New $100 Bill (Pics).

I like the past $100 bill designs better. Ben is looking very green and I particularly don’t like that big orange ink well stamp. What were they thinking with that? Is that where they store the microchip dot now … instead of the eye?

Now the $5, that’s much better.

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