Reader Feedback: Deep sea hoax photos?

By | March 24, 2005

About your news: “Phuket deep sea creatures found on the seaside after the tsunami.” As a former student in marine biology, i’ve found it weird, most of these species belonging to bathypelagic depth… Hmm… It’s a hoax, please check it at: However, the PHOTOS ARE REAL and come from:


Please, have a look at Mr Blobby! 😉 Nice “eclectic” site, your report on the “chupacabra” is interesting, especially with the poor dog: did you show these pics to a veterinarian? Keep it skeptic, have a nice day, Blob

Thanks! Good to know, I’ll update my Cryptozoology news archives asap. For the curious, “The bathypelagic zone refers to water of a depth deeper than 1000m ( 3,280 feet or 0.62 miles). 74% of the volume of the worlds oceans are bathypelagic .”mrothery

About the dog in my chupacabra article, I had a bird scientist look at the photos, but not a vet. Good idea! Will do if the opportunity comes up.

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