Rampaging goat puts three in hospital

By | April 21, 2010

Rampaging goat puts three in hospital Three people have been hospitalised after an angry goat invaded a nursing home in Melbourne, Australia, and went on a rampage that ended only when it was caught by police.

The seven-year-old billygoat, named Billy, wandered into the grounds of the On Luck Chinese nursing home after escaping its enclosure at a nearby home.

The animal became agitated when a gardener tried to shoo it away.

The goat butted the gardener before attacking a second man, aged in his seventies, who rushed over to help. Both of the men suffered suspected spinal injuries during the incident and the gardener, aged 60, was also left with cuts to his head and elbow.

A woman who had witnessed the furore injured her ankle as she ran for help.

Neighbours said it was the first time the animal had caused any trouble.

Peter Balassone, who lives next door to the goat’s owners, said he was surprised to hear of the drama.

“The goats have been fine, believe it or not. Not a problem at all,” he told the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper.

“But he does have an electrified fence on his side (of our fence).”

“I’ve got two sheep, but they’re harmless.”

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