Radiation Contained Inside Three Mile Island

By | November 23, 2009

Radiation Contained Inside Three Mile Island

A small amount of radiation has been detected in a reactor building at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

According to TMI spokesperson Ralph DeSantis, employees were working in a reactor building around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. It was part of the process of removing TMI’s old steam generators and installing the new steam generators that rolled into TMI in September.

DeSantis told abc27 that workers were cutting a large number of pipes. A radiation alarm sounded. According to DeSantis, employees inside the reactor building were wearing protective suits, but about 151 workers were monitored for exposure.Only a handful were contaminated. DeSantis said they were decontaminated and sent home. He said that the contamination was not at a threatening level and was contained to one building at Three Mile Island. He stressed that the public was not in any danger.

DeSantis told abc27 that the cause is not yet determined. The entire plant is now shut down. Once operating again, work will remain shut down in the reactor building.

via Radiation Contained Inside Three Mile Island|abc27 News.

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