Quantum Jumping – Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind – Tonight Dec 26th, 6 pm Pacific (8pm Central/9pm Eastern)

By | December 26, 2012

Quantum Jumping - Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind - Tonight Dec 26th, 6 pm Pacific (8pm Central/9pm Eastern)

Since the 1920’s, quantum physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable and startling possibility—that an infinite number of alternate universes exist.

Leading scientists like Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turok, all of whom are responsible for life-changing breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics, have all suggested the existence of multiple universes.

This jaw-dropping discovery was first made when, trying to pinpoint the exact location of an atomic particle, physicists found it was virtually impossible. It had no single location. In other words, atomic particles have the ability to simultaneously exist in more than one place at a time.The only explanation for this is that particles don’t only exist in our universe—They can spark into existence in an infinite number of parallel universes as well. And although these particles come to being and change in synchronicity, they are all slightly different.

But here’s where things get really interesting. Drawing on the above-mentioned scientific theory and merging it with 59 years of study into mysticism and the human mind, Burt Goldman has hypothesized a fascinating idea:

In these alternate universes, alternate versions of YOU could be living out their lives.

And with an infinite number of them, it means that anything that can happen, does happen—in another universe. If this hypothesis is true, there is a universe where Obama never won the election and another where Princess Diana is still alive. There is a universe where you are the King of Scotland and a universe where you are a tea farmer in China. A universe where you are a celebrity musician, and one where you busk on a pavement for spare change.

So how do parallel universes come to be? How, if you are born in this universe, are there now an infinite number of dimensions where you could exist simultaneously? The theory is simple:

Every decision you make in life causes a “split” in reality…

Which in turn creates two alternate universes—one where the current version of you is today, and another with the version of you who made a different choice. Now think about your life.

Think about all the decisions you’ve made that led to who you are today. If all these decisions caused a split in your reality, each time creating a new version of yourself in a parallel universe who also goes on to make a certain set of choices thereby splitting their reality, you can begin to imagine the infinite versions of yourself that exist.

Now imagine what you could accomplish if you could somehow tap into these alternate universes to meet and learn from these alternate versions of yourself. Imagine the wisdom you’d learn. The opportunities you’d recognize, the skills you’d acquire, and the pitfalls you’d know to avoid.

By meeting these alternate selves, you’d essentially be tapping into a sea of knowledge and experience. But how, might you be asking, does one access these alternate realities? That’s where Quantum Jumping comes in.

via Quantum Jumping – Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind.

Link to the webinar here http://www.quantumjumping.com/online-training/webinar-access

Date:26th Dec, Wednesday

Time: 6pm Pacific (8pm Central/9pm Eastern)

Duration: 90 minutes approx.

Before it starts:

Set aside 90 minutes of privacy to watch this (you’ll need all the focus you can get to catch the valuable insights and tips from Burt)

Mark the event on your calendar. Put a post-it note on your screen if you must 🙂

Be on time. We can’t guarantee a replay (We probably will though). You don’t want to miss it.

A friend told me about this new Woo that many people are into. I don’t recommend spending any money on it, but we are going to do the Quantum jumping tonight for 90 minutes with thousands of others. I’m assuming it will be a big sales pitch with very little meat and plenty of pitch. I’ve seen this kind of thing many times. Get people excited about an idea, then talk around it for a long time and get them to buy something. Nevertheless, there may be some useful visualization ideas for self hypnosis and meditation even if contacting or jumping to parallel universes is 100% fiction.

Join us tonight if it sounds fun to you. Due to my local movie times, I’m putting off seeing the Hobbit until tomorrow for this bit of strange fun.

Did you listen? As I suspected, mostly a commercial for the $199 CD set, but the technique was useful. I quantum jumped and the me in a parallel universe told the me in this universe “mp3skull, but cancel any .exe you see”. I have no idea what that means or why he said that.

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