Psychic Twitter Study Findings

By | June 11, 2009

Psychic Twitter Study Findings

Richard Wiseman has posted a summary of the results from last week’s Twitter-based study of the psychic sense of remote viewing. In short: the group got 0 out of 4 correct. I’d say that is a fail. Hopefully the complete set of data is released for further analysis, though I guess there’s not a lot to find when the result is 0/4 and no different whether a believer or skeptic. From Richard Wiseman’s comments though, I think a significant part of this experiment was about belief in psychic abilities… When I analysed believers and sceptics separately, the results were the same, with no difference between the groups. So the study didn’t support the existence of remote viewing, and suggested that those who believe in the paranormal are good at finding illusory correspondences between their thoughts and a target . – tdg

See the video.

One thought on “Psychic Twitter Study Findings

  1. HealingMindN

    Unfortunately, Dr. Wiseman’s experiment was a farce, wasn’t it? Twitter is not meant to be a medium for controlled psychic experiments, but Wiseman certainly has a lot of followers now. Remember, he never asked for anyone with any special training in RV to help with his little experiment. In essence, he was asking people to guess where he was. How that is conducive or inviting to any real psychic, I’m not sure. Do real psychic’s hang around the web waiting for guys like Wiseman to test their abilities?

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